The city of Auckland, North Island. The city and the views from the Sky Tower

Wellington, New Zealand. Beautiful, but very windy a lot of the time

Landing in Milford Sound after a flight over the Southern Alps in a light aircraft, from Queenstown

Flying over the Southern Alps in a single-engined light aircraft by Air Fiordland

Queenstown on the south island of New Zealand. A lovely, relaxing town on the banks of Lake Wakatipu

The Hilton Hotel, Auckland

The Hilton Hotel room  with balcony

The bar at the Hilton Hotel

The view from the Hilton Hotel room

The amazing Blanket Bay Lodge hotel, a short drive from Queenstown. A most fantastic hotel with wonderful food and friendly people

More pictures taken in the ground of the excellent Blanket Bay Lodge Hotel

The really good St. Moritz Hotel, Queenstown, New Zealand, showing the hotel, a suite and the views from the room overlooking Lake Wakatipu