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Vancouver and the Shangri-La Hotel, Canada

The location and reasons to visit:

Vancouver, Western Canada.  A beautiful city. The Canadian people are so welcoming, friendly and kind, even if their weather wasn’t that kind to me, every day but one.

Review of the Shangri-La Hotel, Vancouver:

Wonderful people, excellent food and great service. There are two distinct types of restaurant and bar. If you like loud, brash, noisy places in the evening, where drunken females are allowed to screech and cackle like witches, then The Market by Jean-Georges is the place for you.

Fortunately there is a great alternative. The Xi Shi Lobby Lounge is quiet and sophisticated, with excellent food and service befitting the Shangri-La brand.

The Executive  King room was immaculate, although I did wonder about the need for a small balcony outside the bedroom area, since the view of rooftops and office windows was hardly inspiring. I also wondered about just what sort of people the Shangri-La welcomes as guests, having seen a drunken girl collapsed on the floor in front of the elevators, with her boyfriend struggling to get her upright, at 9pm on a Saturday evening.

Anyway, a good hotel, ideally located for shopping, sightseeing and close to a seaplane pleasure-flight terminal.

Another view of the Shangri-La hotel

One of the Shangri-La bars. This is the noisy one

Executive King room at the Shangri-La

Bathroom. Pull up the blinds and office workers can watch you!!

The Shangri-La Hotel, on the left (no, not the tree)

Vancouver city. Old and new

The Shangri-La in the distance, conveniently located

From a helicopter, over Vancouver