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Thornbury Castle Hotel, South West England, UK

The location and reasons to visit:

Thornbury Castle Hotel in locates in the town of Thornbury, north of the city of Bristol, England, UK.  There are parts of the West Country that are quite pretty and even parts of Bristol that are worth visiting, but Thornbury itself is a pretty dismal place. Use the hotel as a base to travel from, is my recommendation.

Review of the Thornbury Castle Hotel, South West England, UK:

The hotel is well run, with friendly and efficient people working there. Service is really good and really quite impressively organised in a calm, discrete manner.

The grounds are really nice to sit in on a sunny day, but maybe not enough is made o f them, in terms of the number of seats.

The Tower room was quite superb, but being at the top of a narrow, winding set of stone steps, it does mean that elderly people might find it a struggle. The views were fantastic and the room is beautifully maintained and decorated. It has a nine foot wide bed, which is advertised as being the widest bed in any UK hotel.

The one major disappointment was that management took no action when children, who were there for afternoon tea, were allowed to run around screaming and banging doors. I realise the hotel isn’t responsible directly for the bad behaviour of the children, but a quiet word with the parents, from management, could have resolved the issue. I complained about the noise and was told ‘They are only here for afternoon tea, but it is annoying, isn’t it’.  Apart from that, the hotel is quite superb and the Tower room particularly recommended.

Thornbury Castle, from the front

One of the lounges in the hotel

The bathroom

Another view of the Tower room

Thornbury Castle, from the rear of the building

Sunset, viewed from the Tower room

The Tower room and the amazing bed

Yes, 9 feet wide bed