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Six Senses Hideaway, Yao Noi, Thailand

The location and reasons to visit:

Koh Yao Noi island is situated near Phuket. It is reached by a 40 minute speedboat ride from a marina, 30 minutes’ drive from Phuket Airport. The limestone hills in the bay are interesting to see.

Review of the Six Senses Hideaway, Yao Noi, Thailand:

It was average. Nothing special at all. It’s a 5 star resort, but no one has told the insect population that. Insect repellent is essential. The Thai people who work there are special, however. The service was amongst the best I’ve ever experienced.

The food was okay, with a choice of Thai or Western menus. But, beware of the cost of wine. The Thai government put a 400% tax on it. There were some management issues that should never have arisen. The first was that glasses for beer weren’t stored in a ‘fridge, so by the time half a glass had been drunk, the beer was warm.

Then there was a waiter who wanted to recommend a wine. Perhaps I should have asked the price, but I only found out later that it was four times the price of the average bottle. Also, the concept of ‘pairing’ wines with food did not seem to be understood at all. These issues were raised with management, who took action.

Some of the villas have excellent views, some do not, so ensure, when booking, that a good view is specified.

The view from the top of the hill

Infinity pool in a Pool Villa Suite

The Pool Villa Suite with upstairs day-bed area

Rustic decoration in a Pool Villa Suite

The view across the bay

Part of the bar area, with sunken seating

Infinity pool and view from the Hilltop Retreat

The view from the bar, late afternoon