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Sydney, Australia & The Park Hyatt Hotel

The location and reasons to visit:

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. I love the place and have been there several times. But then I wonder why. Yes, the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House are wonderful sights to see, but, whilst the Opera House is an absolute work of art, the Harbour Bridge is a pile of girders organised into a useful shape. The people are friendly, the food is fantastic, the beaches some distance from Sydney are really good, but the city seems to trade itself on just two iconic structures, one of which is beautiful, whilst the other, if people just really looked at it, is actually an eyesore. Yet I love the place.

Review of the Park Hyatt Hotel, Sydney, Australia:

It’s worth getting an Opera View room or suite, if possible, with a side view of the city and a terrace. To sit on the terrace as the sky darkens and the city lights come on, drinking a glass of wine, is a great experience. The firework display was a bonus.

The hotel is really good. Check-in is arranged sat at a desk, so much nicer than a raided counter and then the person who checks you in escorts you to the room. Breakfast is excellent with table service or self-service. The Harbour Kitchen and Bar area is slightly confusing. There’s a bar area with seating which also serves less formal food, but this is joined on to a more formal areas, which is yet all part of the same restaurant. On the several times I’ve been to the bar, I found it busy and noisy, but maybe that was bad luck. On the other hand there aren’t many bars in the world where a table next to the window has such an iconic view. I was disappointed with that one part of the hotel, but very impressed by the rest of it from the point of view of the quality of service, food and, or course the view.

The Rocks Area of Sydney

Early one winter’s morning

The Opera House, one afternoon

The Harbour Bridge and Opera House, both in one shot

The Park Hyatt, almost under the Harbour Bridge

The view from the hotel room

The Opera House, viewed from the hotel room

The Sydney Harbour Bridge, against the sunlight