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Geneva and Lake Geneva

The location and reasons to visit:

Geneva, Switzerland - and Lake Geneva. Reasons to go Geneva? Well, none, really. Yes the fountain in Geneva (Jet D’eau) is interesting and looks great backlit by the sun, and even better if the weather is clear enough to see snow on the high peaks of the Alps in the background. But, the city of Geneva is boring, ordinary and a waste of time.

Review of the Mirador Kempinski, near Vervey, Lake Geneva:

The hotel has some of the best views in the world, over the lake and with the Alps in n the distance. The junior suites, the bar and the restaurants all share the same wonderful view. The buffet breakfast was adequate and the service in the Patio restaurant was excellent,  but that’s the end of the good news. The lady answering the phone for room service was downright rude and couldn’t communicate adequately in English. The room service evening meal was - not just hot enough - but actually cold. The bed sheets in my companion’s room smelt of dogs - and yes they do allow dogs at the hotel. You might want to go there for the fantastic views, but not for much else.

Review of the Beau Rivage hotel, Geneva:

Superb service, slightly spoilt at check-in, but otherwise highly attentive and efficient. The room service breakfast was cold, as was the ‘hot’ chocolate. The Thai restaurant was okay and catered for vegetarians. The service and food in the bar were far better. The lake-front location was excellent, but thoroughly spoilt by a fun-fair right outside the window.

The Jet D’eau, Lake Geneva, with snow-capped mountains

The view from the room at the Beau Rivage hotel

The Jet D’eau, Lake Geneva

The Beau Rivage Hotel, Geneva

The view from the Mirador Kempinski hotel suite

The patio/balcony of one of the junior suites

The view from the bar at the Mirador Kempinski

….and at night