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The W Hotel, Barcelona, Spain

The location and reasons to visit:

Barcelona, on the east coast of Spain.  Quite a large city - probably too big to walk round in order to see all the sights, but the taxis were surprisingly cheap. There is a city beach, but it does get busy. Some of the buildings are extremely beautiful, but they do have to be searched for, amongst street after street after street of very un-remarkable buildings that all seem to be very brown in colour.

Review of the W Hotel, Barcelona, Spain:

A modern, quite beautiful building, set at one end of the city beach. “W” is for Wonderful - and just about everything was. With one small exception the service was certainly wonderful. The breakfast and bar snacks certainly wonderful. One evening meal was disappointing, but apart from that - yes everything was pretty wonderful. The view from the 21st floor room was out over the sea, the beach and the city - really excellent. This is a hotel for young people - not young of age, but young of attitude. Yes, the music in the bar does get a bit louder in the evening, but the choice is good and it isn’t so loud that conversations aren’t easily possible. There were a wide variety of age ranges there and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. The people who worked there seem to enjoy their jobs, so maybe management are doing a pretty good job, too.

Overall, impressive and recommended.

Very handy that he’s pointing to where the W Hotel is.

When will they finish it? Every picture I see has cranes in it

The bar area, early evening, W Hotel

The W Hotel, early morning

The W Hotel, Barcelona.

The view from the 21st floor room I was in.

Barcelona’s own Arc de Triomf,

Castell Dels Tres Dragons