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Singapore and the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, & The Raffles Hotel

The location and reasons to visit:

Singapore, Asia. A fantastic city. A “flight” on the Singapore Flyer is essential. The city seems to be so alive and very, very safe, even at night. The smells of the different types of food from the many food stalls is incredible. For shopping, go to Orchard Road. I have visited a few times and I am soon to return, so this information will be updated by mid 2011, with more hotels. However, regarding humidity, there isn’t a good time to visit Singapore. Just accept that you will leave the air-conditioned hotel, set foot outside and within half an hour, be perspiring heavily, unless you are very used to such humid conditions.

Review of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore:   Chaos at check-in. It took 25 minutes, due to problems trying to find me the room of the type that I’d booked. Either side of me were people complaining that their suitcases hadn’t been taken to their rooms one hour after checking in and that someone had their passport locked in a room safe that wouldn’t open. Go for a Club room with Club privileges or regret it later. Yes, the infinity pool on the 57th floor is impressive, but it will be busy from 7am.  The ground floor area between the three towers is crazily busy. Best avoid the whole hotel in my opinion.

Review of Raffles Hotel: A legendary hotel, okay. “Immortalized in the novels of Somerset Maugham and Rudyard Kipling, Raffles Hotel, Singapore’s colonial-styled architecture and lush tropical gardens exude an atmosphere of timeless elegance.”, according to their web site. So why did I find an old, mouldy apple core in the bathroom, from the previous guest? Why wasn’t there a bottle opener in the room to open the mineral water or wine from the mini-bar? My conclusion is that it is relying on past magnificence and dreams rather than present-day reality. The suite was okay, but nothing more, as was the breakfast food, although the service was excellent. I couldn’t bother with lunch or dinner. It would have just been ‘okay’ as well. It’s also on a four-lane highway, which doesn’t enhance its exclusivity in any way.  

The Raffles Hotel, viewed from the edge of a 4-lane road.

Colonial-styled architecture, inside.

Didn’t anyone check the room, after the previous guest????

Part of the Raffles suite. It was okay, but nothing special.

The Marina Bay Sands Hotel

The infinity pool on the 57th floor.

The view from a room on the 46th floor.

The ground floor level.