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Shanghai, China & The Pudong Shangri-La Hotel

The location and reasons to visit:

Shanghai, China. An amazingly busy, bustling, modern city. You have to admire the Chinese government for developing this place with such speed. The Pudong Shangri-La hotel is in a business district area that was just fields not that many years ago. A visit to the top of the Pearl Tower is essential, as is a walk along The Bund. Avoid the “old” area of Xin, Tian Di. It is just a tourist trap with Starbucks and other similar outlets.

Review of the Pudong Shangri-La Hotel, Shanghai:

A really good hotel. However, it is expensive for food and drink. The Jade on 36 bar is nice, with great views, but the price of all drinks is excessive. Understandably, it wasn’t very busy when I was there. In the lobby, there’s a nice, open area for coffee and snacks. But, this is an exclusive hotel in China, so it just will not be cheap. However, walk 200 metres towards the waterfront and there’s a pizza place there that sells beer for a fraction of the hotel price, and the pizzas are great, too.

The Shanrgi-La is in the Shanghai business district, but it is within easy walking distance of the Pearl Tower. Taxis from the hotel to other places in Shanghai are relatively cheap, but, as in Beijing, the standard of driving is atrocious. The real attraction in Shanghai is The Bund, but this is actually best viewed from Shangri-La hotel side of the river. My advice would be to stay at the Shangri-La hotel, eat locally outside the hotel, and take taxis to the other side of the river.

The light changes dramatically through the day

The Pearl Tower, at 480 metres tall

The view from the Pearl Tower

The Xin Tian Di area. Just a tourist-trap, really

The view from the Shangri-La hotel room, across to The Bund

....and, at night

The Pudong Shangri-la hotel room, overlooking the river and Bund

The Jade on 36 hotel bar. (You can’t take pictures in here!!!)