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The Banyan Tree Hotel, The Seychelles

The location and reasons to visit:

The Seychelles is a fairly small island located in the Indian Ocean. White sandy beaches, year-round temperatures of 25 to 30 degrees, sun, sun, sun and some torrential rain at times. Well worth a visit to stay in one of the hotel complexes. There is crime there and it’s worthwhile to make sure that hotel rooms and villas are fully locked up at night.

Review of the Banyan Tree Hotel, The Seychelles:

This hotel had probably the nicest people working there of any hotel I’ve ever visited. Really nice genuine people, every one of them. The food in the Au Jardin D’Epices restaurant was either excellent of average, depending on the dish. The Red Snapper fish dish was truly wonderful - to die for.

Unfortunately, also to almost die for, but in a different way, was the slippery floor in the shower room, in the villa. A marble floor, when wet, is really not a good idea in a shower room.

Then there is the music. The piped music is fantastic - well chosen, not intrusive and has a good, local flavour. But, the live music is a different matter. A pair of ‘wandering minstrels’, complete with guitars and a mouth-organ, went from table to table, annoying each person in turn, singing songs what did not in any way ‘fit’ with the environment. I had to tip them US$20 to go away and annoy someone else. That confused them!!! Then there was the jazz nights, with excessively loud renditions of Mack the Knife, Blue Moon and all the usual ancient stuff. Why oh why do drummers in jazz bands think it is essential to play their drum solos at eardrum-piercing levels?

Private pool, seating area, with the villa to the left

Another view of the villa private pool

The main pool at the Banyan Tree Hotel

A crowded beach.

The beach in front of the hotel, early morning

The villa, in a walled garden with pool and grounds

The bedroom in the villa

The welcome message left on the bed for my arrival