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Jade Mountain Resort, Saint Lucia, The Caribbean

The location and reasons to visit:

Saint Lucia, in the Caribbean. An amazing place. The local people aren’t wealthy and I didn’t go anywhere apart from Jade Mountain Resort. The main reason for going there was to be in a hotel room that overlooked The Pitons.

 Review of the Jade Mountain Resort, Saint Lucia:

Excellent. Really excellent. Check-in is carried out in the room. The rooms (sanctuaries) are huge, without windows, so birds can fly in an out, although they never stay long. The infinity pool is half in the room, so it’s a short walk from the bed to relax in the pool - and the other way round. The food was superb, the service was superb and the view from the room, bar and restaurant were also superb.

It is definitely worth getting the all-inclusive option for food and drink. Glasses of wine are included although bottles of wine are charged as extras.

I stayed for nine nights and it wasn’t enough. There aren’t any radios or televisions in the room and there isn’t any air-conditioning since there aren’t any windows, but it isn’t needed due to the many ceiling fans.

An amazing place. Highly recommended.

Sunset, viewed from the Heavenly Bar.

Strange cloud formation over The Pitons.

The hotel is unusual in its construction.

The view from the Heavenly Bar.

The view across the in-room infinity pool

....and sat in the pool.

The view from the private balcony.

Yes, the pool is actually in the sanctuary.