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Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia

The location and reasons to visit:

Port Douglas,  Queensland, Eastern Australia. A very disappointing place lacking in character with little to do or see. I stayed at two hotels. The Peninsula Hotel, Port Douglas was dreadful. Really awful. The Sea Temple was excellent.

Review of the Peninsula Hotel, Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia:

PLEASE NOTE: This hotel is NOT part of the international Peninsula Hotel chain. Basically, don’t go there. The first picture below shows the view from an “Ocean View” suite. It’s across a fairly busy road and has only glimpses of the ocean. The second picture shows the view from the restaurant. The hotel’s web site claims it has views of the Coral Sea. The third picture shows a filthy “Welcome” mat slung over a sign at the entrance to the restaurant. The fourth picture shows a filthy sail or awning over the eating area.

Service in the restaurant (really a cafe) was terrible, with the wine list I asked for only being brought to the table after I had finished the main course. The food on a Sunday is pre-prepared.

The automatic door closing mechanisms on the doors to the rooms are so strong that there’s a banging noise that reverberates around all the other rooms, every time a guest fails to carefully close their door.  The Peninsula Hotel Port Douglas, Queensland, is best avoided.

Seating in the lounge area of the suite

Bath and shower

The sea is just about visible

The exterior

The view from an “Ocean View” suite.

The view from the restaurant.

A dirty doormat slung over the restaurant’s Welcome sign

A dirty awning/sail, above the restaurant eating area