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New York, USA & The Marriott Marquis Hotel

The location and reasons to visit:

It’s difficult to think of any reasons NOT to visit New York. It’s probably the most iconic cities in the world. And, these days, it’s very safe. I walked down narrow streets, late into the evening and having travelled a lot, I like to think that I can feel when a neighbourhood is threatening. There weren’t any problems at all during my stay. In fact I found the image of New Yorkers as being brash and loud talking to be far from the truth. Every one I met was really nice. A helicopter trip is essential. I used Liberty Helicopters and they were very efficient. Also, a boat trip is a good idea, but not the 2-hour one that I took. 70% of the trip is boring. Take a shorter one.

Review of the Marriott Marquis Hotel:

It’s near Times Square and the Theatre District. It’s also conveniently situated for walking to Central Park, to the Rockefeller Building and to the place where Liberty Helicopters are based. The lift system takes a bit of getting used to, having to enter you key-card into a slot and select the floor number, before a lift will be called. The room I had was quite small, which is usual for New York hotels, I suppose. Looking out of the curtains at 3am, to see Times Square alive with people and traffic was electrifying. Do people not sleep at all?

The bar area is okay, with seating at the bar and table service. But, I had a tab one evening and was asked to settle it and open a new one, because the bar staff shift was changing. That signifies a place that is run for the convenience of the hotel, not its guests. The food in the restaurant (really a cafe) that I ate in was okay, but when settling the bill in cash and asking the server to ‘please keep the change’, always resulted in the change being offered a moment later. Maybe it’s my accent.

I would say that the Marriott Marquis is a very functional hotel. Adequate, but nothing special.

One of the views from the Marriott Marquis Hotel

Statue of Liberty, from a boat

Times Square, very near the Marriott Marquis

The city, viewed from Central Park

From the top of the Rockefeller Building

Central Park, from The Top of the Rock

The city, from a Liberty Helicopter

A room at the Marriott Marquis Hotel