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Monaco, Monte Carlo and the Hotel de Paris

The location and reasons to visit:

Monte Carlo is one of Monaco’s administrative quarters. Monaco borders the French town of Beausoleil. One of the Formula 1 races is held on its street every year, when hotel prices quadruple. Reasons to visit include having coffee in the Cafe de Paris, opposite the Hotel de Paris and next to the Monte Carlo Casino. Another reason is to have lunch in one of the stupidly expensive restaurants that overlook the harbour. People with serious amounts of money actually pay the equivalent of US$ millions for a tiny apartment, overlooking what is essentially a boat-park. Okay, it’s a boat park full of $million boats, but if it was a car park, people wouldn’t be so stupid.

 Review of the Hotel de Paris, Monte Carlo:

Really excellent. But, don’t expect to get into the hotel to look around unless you have a reservation. Do try to book a room with a view of the harbour, otherwise the magic might just not be as good. The view from the room I had of the harbour was pretty good. Breakfast was up to the expected standard, with fantastic service. Lunch was equally as good.

I spent most evenings in the bar, drinking the extremely expensive local beer and eating the bar snacks, which were a meal in themselves. Yes, there were celebrities there, not that I recognised them, but when ladies walk in with two bodyguards behind, I guess they at least consider themselves famous.

Also, expect rich, old, fat men who are constantly talking on mobile phones, accompanied by beautiful girls in very short dresses, who are clearly not their daughters.

People pay millions for a view of a boat park

Nice cafes in quieter streets

Part of room 655

The foyer of the Hotel de Paris, from the inside

The Hotel de Paris, Monte Carlo

The view from Hotel de Paris room 655

....and in the evening

The Cafe de Paris and the Monte Carlo Casino