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Sagamore Hotel, Miami, Florida

The location and reasons to visit:

Miami is  located in the state of Florida, in the south of the USA.  Once good reason NOT to go there is the US immigration process. I do not object to completing an ESTA online, but to wait at immigration control for three-quarters of an hour, with only six people in the queue in front of me is just a joke. The US seems to be actively discouraging tourists. The main reason I went to Miami was to see the art deco-style building, which are truly beautiful and almost worth enduring the ponderous immigration process to see. The beautiful people for which Miami is famous all seemed to have left, when I was there, and been replaced by fat ugly ones.

Review of the Sagamore Hotel, Miami:

Most parts of the hotel are superb and beautiful, and very tastefully designed and decorated in the restaurant and lounge areas. Unfortunately the pool bar, which was the only bar open in the evenings when I was there, looked like something from the 1970s. It is old, worn, tacky and ugly,and not at all in keeping with the rest of the hotel. No wonder I was the only person there most evenings. For it to be called a ‘Pool bar and Grill’ on the hotel’s web site is ridiculous. I certainly wouldn’t eat food anywhere near it.

The food in the restaurant was really good, but be aware of the prices on the menu. Everything has a 20% service charge applied to it with the space on the bill for an additional tip. Whether that is usual in Miami hotels I don’t know. Actually I did leave tips every day, since the service was very good.

The view from the Ocean View suite was certainly over the ocean, but also over the top of ugly flat roofs and air-conditioning units of bungalow units. The suite itself was really nice, with a door to the bedroom that could be closed to exclude the loud music that came from the hotel next door, thankfully.

The view from the suite.

The restaurant at the Sagamore Hotel

One of the lounges

Really nice photographs

Art deco style to the left, something different on the right

Beautiful buildings on Ocean Drive

Along Ocean Drive, South Beach area

Beautifully maintained art deco buildings

The video garden area

The pool at the Sagamore Hotel

The main room in the Ocean View Suite

Ocean View Suite bedroom