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Mauritius and the Oberoi Hotel

The location and reasons to visit:

Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean. The only reasons I can think of visiting Mauritius are to sit in the sun in the grounds of a great hotel and to see fantastic sunsets. The Island seems to be quite poor. Okay, for people braver than me, hire a car, go out and see the sights, but on the drive, halfway across the island from the airport to the hotel, I certainly didn’t see anything worth leaving the hotel grounds for. But, one very important thing. If you visit Mauritius, be sure to book a hotel on the western side of the island. The sunsets are the best, evening after evening, that I’ve ever seen. I could fill this page, just with pictures of wonderful sunsets.      

Review of the Oberoi Hotel, Mauritius:

This is an amazing hotel. I’ve been there twice and on the second occasion it was even better than the first.

The standards of food quality, presentation and service were world class. The breakfasts were wonderful with fresh fruit that tasted as though it had just been picked and wonderfully prepared hot food.

The service in the bar was amazingly efficient. Okay, the alcohol is expensive, but the local beer is the best I’ve tasted anywhere in the world.

There is an aura of calmness that  pervades the whole hotel and soon after arriving, it seems that every guest enjoys and respects the relaxed atmosphere, with no loud talking on mobile phones at all, during my 14 night stay.

I’ve been there twice now. It’s truly an amazing hotel. And the sunsets are the best I’ve seen anywhere in the world, night after night.

The view from the bar at the Oberoi Hotel, Mauritius

The light varies wonderfully throughout the day

A small part of the beach area

The hotel bar just after sunset

The sunsets over the Indian Ocean are the best I’ve seen

Part of the luxury villa with private pool at the Oberoi Hotel, Mauritius

The infinity pool, with views of the ocean behind

A view from the shoreline at the Oberoi Hotel

The best sunsets in the world