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Claridges Hotel, London, UK

The location and reasons to visit:

London, UK. Lots of old buildings to see, some alongside a river with lots of muddy water in it. Museums, art galleries and all the usual tourist stuff. To make this page a bit different, I took a helicopter trip over the city to get some aerial shots that are a bit different to normal tourist shots.

Review of Claridges Hotel, London, UK:

Some good things, some bad.  The food in the Gordon Ramsay restaurant was superb. The champagne cocktails in the bar were excellent. The service in the bar and restaurant was highly efficient.

I checked-in mid afternoon and was unpacking when one of the cleaning supervisors let herself into the room, without knocking, saying ‘Oh sorry, I didn’t think anyone was in here’.

And why oh why do they bother to ask at check-in, what time guests would like to have their rooms serviced, then totally ignore it and not inform the housekeeper who was to do the work?

I’d asked for the room to be serviced after 11am. At 9am a housekeeping person knocked on the door and asked to service the room. I told her it had been arranged for 11am and she went away. I left the hotel at 9.30 for 30 minutes then returned, to find the room  was being serviced. How can they get things that wrong?

I also stayed at the London Marriott Country Hall Hotel. That was pretty much rubbish as well.

The Tower of London

The London Eye

View from the London Eye

Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament

The Canary Wharf area of central London

The London Eye alongside the River Thames

Tower Bridge

The O2 arena

Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament

Claridges Hotel, London

Part of the Claridges Hotel room

London Marriott County Hall Hotel near the London Eye