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Japan and Mount Fuji, and the Mandarin Oriental Hotel

The location and reasons to visit:

Japan. To visit Tokyo and Mount Fuji is essential for every world-traveller. The utter craziness of the city area of Tokyo contrasts with the peace of Lake Ashi (but still watch out for the tourist shops, even there). Mount Fuji is best viewed with snow on the peak. Visit in mid to late May to see it at its best.  Without any snow it looks quite ordinary. The best view is from several Km away - get much closer and you have to endure the tourist shops and it can get quite cold at that level.

Review of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Tokyo:

The Mandarin Oriental hotel is located in a good position for visiting attractions, some being reached on foot. The view from the hotel restaurant includes Mount Fuji in the far distance on a clear day.

A picture below shows Tokyo spread out far below the hotel. Yes, the Mandarin Oriental is a lot higher than many of the buildings in Tokyo, but it is built to withstand earthquakes.

The alcohol in the bar is horrendously expensive. The food in the restaurant is really good. Highly recommended.  

A long and interesting history

A very rare sight - a traffic jam in super efficient Tokyo

A park near the Imperial Palace

The view from Mount Komagatake over Lake Ashi.

A visit to Mt. Fuji is essential but it’s best viewed from afar

The view of Tokyo from the Mandarin Oriental hotel room

Old and new parts of Tokyo fit together well

A temple, or maybe a shrine