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Inverlochy Castle Hotel & local area, Scotland, UK

The location and reasons to visit:

This area of Scotland is so absolutely beautiful with stunning scenery. The drive from the south took an age, since i had to stop at almost every lay-by to take more pictures. The people are so, so friendly, everywhere. Really wonderful people.

Review of the Inverlochy Castle Hotel, Scotland:

The hotel has a feeling of exclusivity about it. The people  who work there are friendly, helpful and informative. The food is excellent, including  really delicious breakfasts. The service is exemplary at breakfast and lunchtime, without being intrusive in any way.

Prices aren’t cheap, as would be expected, but the only cost that I took exception to was for laundry services, where the price to wash and iron t-shirts was almost three times their original purchase price. Apart from that, everything was reassuringly expensive  - and it’s only right to pay a reasonable amount of money to match the food and service at this level of excellence.

The views from the junior suite I stayed in were amazing, with beautiful sunsets. The same views are there from the lounges and terrace.  I wish I’d been there a bit later in the year with warmer weather, since a drink or two on the terrace admiring the amazing views, would have been wonderful. This is a truly great hotel, expertly managed. As with the best hotels I’ve experienced, the hotel manager was always around, ensuring excellence of service. It’s always the sign of a great hotel. A wonderful experience.

Inverlochy Castle Hotel

The view from the junior suite room

A junior suite room at Inverlochy Castle Hotel

The drawing-room/lounge area

Near Fort William, approaching from the south

Beautiful scenery

Every turn is another photo opportunity

Just after some April snow.