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Hobart, Tasmania

The location and reasons to visit:

Tasmania is located  240 kilometres south of the main continent of Australia, across the Bass Strait.  The state capital is Hobart.  As for reasons to visit, there aren’t any. Okay, there are some nice lakes and mountains, but that is about it. The harbour in Hobart is a working port and not particularly attractive.

Review of the Henry Jones Art Hotel, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia:

Actually it is quite nice. The people were friendly and helpful. I would recommend an Oriental Sok Suite as they are large and comfortable. The bath in the one I had looked out over the harbour, although why anyone would want to take a bath looking at a working port I don’t know.  The hotel is located in a former wharf and the exterior is not particularly attractive.

The dinner in the restaurant was good for one night, but the restaurant was full another night. I would have thought arriving guests would have had priority, but apparently not. Breakfast was okay, but I prefer to be brought a pot of coffee, rather than having to help myself for each cup.

The location of the hotel is excellent for exploring Hobart, but why anyone would want to I do not know.  There really isn’t much there. The Tasmanian wine was good, though.

The hotel bar.

A pint of “Golden”.

Getting drunk now, taking pictures of anything.

Even more drunk.

The Oriental Sok Suite at the Henry Jones Art Hotel.

Quite a large room.

This is what makes it a Sok suite, I suppose.

The shower-room.