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Guilin, China and the Sheraton Hotel

The location and reasons to visit:

Guilin is located in the province of Guangxi, China. There is only one reason to go there, and that is to take the cruise between Guilin and Yangshou, on the River Li. Guilin itself is just an ordinary Chinese town. The large hotels are there for just one reason and that is to house the tourists who take the river cruise.

As for the cruise, well it is long, taking over two hours. The first 15 minutes are interesting as the boat passes limestone outcrops. But the view is pretty much the same for the whole trip. There had been heavy rains the day before I took the trip, so thankfully the river was running really fast, shortening the journey by at least half an hour.

Access to the boats are via, yes of course, a large souvenir shop. Then, on arrival at Yanhshou, to get access to the car/bus for the return journey, one has to walk down a street lined either side by shops.

Review of the Sheraton Hotel:

It was just an ordinary hotel. Nothing special, except that the alcohol in the bar was a lot cheaper than in hotels in Beijing or Shanghai. It is centrally located, but there’s nothing to see or do in Guilin anyway. The food and service were fine. The one drawback with the hotel is that the rooms are located on floors around a central atrium. Noise from the restaurant below rises up and can be heard late into the evening and also first thing in the morning as the staff are preparing the restaurant for breakfast.

More water and hills

This rock is called The Nine Horsemen.

Even more water and hills

Guilin. In the rain.

Impressive views, for the first 15 minutes

Then it all gets a bit boring

Hawkers move alongside the boats and try to sell

It probably looks better if the sun is shining