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Echo Point and Echoes Boutique Hotel

The location and reasons to visit:

In the Blue Mountains, about 90 minutes drive from Sydney, Australia, at a place called Katoomba. The only thing there really is the wonderful views. Katoomba itself is an awful place, just a few streets of the cheapest shops imaginable. I wouldn’t want to go there after dark!

Review of the Echoes Boutique Hotel, New South Wales, Australia:

Well, it’s a boutique hotel, which in my experience does not sound good, but actually it was excellent. The service and quality of food were excellent. The view from the first room I was given was not good, so I upgraded to a room with a view for about an extra AU$ 50 per night. The continental breakfast was included in the room price, with an optional hot-food breakfast available for a reasonable price. Both options were excellent.

The bar wasn’t open all afternoon, but it’s a nice environment for lunchtime or pre-dinner drinks. Then there’s the most unique aspect of the hotel – the amazing view from the restaurant. It would have been nicer for me to have been there at a warmer time of year to have been able to sit in one of the two outside dining areas, both having spectacular views, but the views from the indoor restaurant are the same – simply spectacular. A really excellent hotel.

The only negative aspect was that, while everyone was nice and the service was good, they were all a little bit too business-like, with no real connections being made between them and their guests. Maybe that’s the policy of the owners.

The Three Sisters rock formation at Echo Point.

Another view from Echo Point, five mins. walk from the hotel.

The view from the suite.

Sunset, viewed from the suite.

The view from Echoes Boutique Hotel restaurant.

Echoes Boutique Hotel entrance.

The Echoes Hotel bar area.

A suite at the Echoes Boutique Hotel.