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Cuba, in the Caribbean & The Parque Central Hotel

The location and reasons to visit:

Havana in Cuba. Many television programmes focus on the wonderful architecture and old American cars - and Havana is exactly like that. Many of the buildings have been carefully restored, whilst others are more worn and crumbling. Havana is a very safe city, day and night. The only drawback is the constant requests for money from people. Some people are genuinely friendly and want to talk, but others will talk but then ask for money. It was difficult to judge if they were really poor or whether they were getting a lot or money from tourists.

Review of the Parque Central Hotel:

A suite in the Parque Central hotel is old fashioned in terms of decoration, but okay. The food and service were pretty good and better than I had expected. Service round the pool area was a bit slow, but tipping well on the first day resulted in better service the following days.

An important thing in Cuba is to always leave a tip for good service in cash and not just add something to the bill. I got the impression that money added to the bill did not end up with the waiters/bar staff. They seemed genuinely pleased with a cash tip.

Service in the bar area for food at lunchtime was good but service at the bar for drinks in the evening was variable, with an inadequate number of bar staff when a lot of guests were present. Room service was very good, being delicious and delivered promptly.

Big, old, American cars are a common site

Some of the buildings are in need of renovation

Horse drawn carriages are everywhere in Havana

Rock formations in the Vinales area of Cuba

The Central Park area of Havana

The Capitol building, Havana

Many of the buildings have been carefully restored

The view from the pool area of the Parque Central Hotel