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Cairns, Queensland, Australia

The location and reasons to visit:

Don’t bother. Cairns is located in Queensland, Australia. It was possibly the most boring place I have ever been to. It should be great, located at the estuary of a river that opens up into the sea. But, it just isn’t. There are many restaurants along a broadwalk, alongside the river. I tried three of them and the food in each one was very poor, unlike any other place I have been in Australia. They charge excessive prices, just for the river-view.

Review of the Shangri-La Hotel, Cairns, Queensland, Australia:

A really average hotel. Check-in was okay and the room was fine, apart from a missing hair dryer.

But, there were several areas where it really fell down. The bar, although part of the hotel, was run as a separate franchise. It was impossible to have a tab, even having shown the room key-card. I was told “people just go off without paying, then deny they had the drinks”. Surely, that could apply to most hotels in the world. It was possible to have a tab if a credit card was deposited at the bar, but they were kept in an area that wasn’t always supervised and it would have been easy for a thief to lean over the counter and grab a couple.

Then there was the restaurant in the hotel. Wagyu beef is supposed to be the best (and the most expensive) in the world. This restaurant managed to cook it so that is was unbelievably tough. I complained. They cooked another one that was just as bad. Also, booking an executive room gave access to the “Executive Lounge”. This was a deathly quiet place with no view at all. The worst executive lounge I have ever been to. I completed a comments card at check out and asked for a response by email. I had to email the hotel weeks later to point out that I hadn’t had a response. Eventually a manager emailed me, stating “we seemed to have dropped the ball a but with your stay”. Avoid this place.

Really boring

The Shangri-la, Cairns, hotel room. Open plan bed/bathroom

More water, boats and hills

Quite a nice view from the Shangri-La, Cairns, hotel room

.....and at night.


Boats. On water. Hills behind.