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China World Hotel & Beijing, China

The location and reasons to visit:

Beijing, China. A most amazing place to visit. A visit to the Great Wall of China is essential, as well as visits to Tianenmen Square and the Forbidden City, as well as The Temple of Heaven. But, beware of the atrocious driving standards of everyone, everywhere, in China. Beware also of internal flights with China Eastern and Southern Airlines. They are really not the best. Some announcements, even in first class and business class departure lounges are only in Chinese.

Review of the China World Hotel, Beijing:

The hotel is NOT an ideal location for visiting anything on foot. In China, organized or private trips with interpreters are essential. The standard of food and service were really very good. The Chinese have learnt how to adapt to Western tastes in food and service. Be careful about ordering even something simple such as a pot of green tea in the ground floor lobby lounge. It will be very expensive.

The rooms are comfortable although not large. Expect some disruption if any local politicians are staying there, with motorcades taking preference. If you want a quiet drink, don’t go into the main bar. The Chinese have a love of very, very loud music. I saw a live group start to play in a busy bar, so loudly that within half-an-hour everyone had left, since it was impossible to hold a conversation. As I was the last person to leave, I tried to explain to the barman why everyone had gone, but a complaint of music being too loud just was not understood.

Inside the Forbidden City

The Temple of Heaven

The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall, stretching off into the distance

The China World Hotel

Inside, it has pretty ornate decoration

Tianenmen Square, looking towards the Forbidden City

Another view of Tianenmen Square