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Auckland, New Zealand

The location and reasons to visit:

Auckland is New Zealand’s largest city and is located on the North Island. A visit to the Sky Tower is a must, but choose a sunny day if possible. Boat trips to other islands depart from jetties near to the Hilton Hotel. The central shopping and restaurant areas are pretty much on  level ground, but there are steep hills in Auckland, so people with walking problems might want to ensure the hotel of their choice is suitably located.

Review of the Hilton Hotel, Auckland, New Zealand:

A really good hotel, build on a Princes Wharf out in the Bay of Sails. The room was of a good size, but be sure to get one with a balcony. The service in the Belini bar was particularly good, as was the view from there. The main restaurant is called White.  I was so very impressed by this restaurant. The food and service were quite superb,  with views out over the water. The pool has an underwater viewing window that looks out over the bay.  The hotel is within very easy walking distance of local shops, bars and restaurants.

The rooms on one side of the hotel faces out over the water with views of distant sail boats. The other side, where I stayed, has views over the water and of the city.  The view from this side is probably better, but there is a problem. Large cruise liners use the wharf to tie up to. The hotel always puts a card in the room, informing guests that a liner will be docking, but it is still a surprise to open the curtains in a morning and find the whole view blocked by a massive ship. The ships are only there for a day, but someone wanting to stay at the Hilton for only one night might find it better to stay in a room on the other, non city-facing side. Other than that, the hotel is really excellent.

The Sky Tower in Auckland

.....and the view from the top

The room and balcony

Another view from the room

The Hilton Hotel, build on a jetty, in the bay

The view of the city, from the room

.....and at night

The Belini bar in the Hinton