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Amsterdam, The Netherlands & Hotel De L’Europe

The location and reasons to visit:

Amsterdam is the capital city of The Netherlands, Europe. Why go there? Darned if I could work that question out. They have bikes, lots of them. They have canals, lots of them. Then there’s......... well, nothing, really. It’s nice enough, that’s certain - but it’s just not that special. Unless you like seeing traffic accidents. I lost count of the number of bike versus pedestrian, scooter versus pedestrian, car versus bike, etc., collisions I saw.

Review of the Hotel De L’Europe, Amsterdam:

Actually, it’s okay and probably the best hotel in Amsterdam. There’s nothing special about it - like the city it’s in. The service was good. The location was good. The breakfast and lunches were good - but there wasn’t anything that constituted a ‘wow’ factor. If you have to go to Amsterdam, definitely stay at the Hotel De L’Europe. You won’t be disappointed, but you won’t be amazed, either.

The piped music in the lounge area was well chosen and relaxing, but spoiled nightly by someone who came in, turned it off and played the usual ancient tunes on a piano that inept musicians round the world think people actually want to hear.  

The Hotel De L’Europe, on one of Amsterdam, many canals

The view from the Hotel De L’Europe room

The Hotel De L’Europe suite bedroom

And the Hotel De L’Europe suite living room

There are rather a lot of canals

Even more canals

Well, bikes and canals - typical Amsterdam

Bridges and bikes, everywhere