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First Class Airline Cabins and Lounges

First Class Airline Cabins and Airport Lounges Review:

Singapore Airlines A380 Suite: The very best airline and suite, with refined styling in the A380 suite, plus excellent food and service. No shower on the plane, unlike Emirates A380 first class cabins. The Private Room off the first class lounge at Singapore Airport is excellent, if it is possible to get an invitation.

Emirates Airlines A380 Suite: Excellent service and good food. The styling of the suites will not be to everyone’s taste and many will consider the styling gaudy or tacky. Two showers on the top-deck first class area. The first class lounge in Dubai is noisy with sounds coming from the concourse below. The food in the first class lounge at Dubai is not good.

Qantas First Class: Not really very good. Whereas Emirates and Singapore Airlines have an on-demand meal service, Qantas doesn’t offer that.The ‘suites’ are nothing more than comfortable seats, with no privacy.

Virgin Upper Class: The seats face in a herring-bone pattern, making it impossible to see out of the windows. Upper class is really somewhere between first class and business class on other airlines. All aircraft have on-board bars, but those in A747 aircraft are located in the cabin so do not operate during the night.

British Airways A747 first class: First class lounges are generally very good, but the A747s look outdated. Service and food on-board are okay, but no more than that.

Thai Air A747 first class: Awful service on-board. The food is okay, but nothing special. The first class lounge in Bangkok is very good, with an escort to and from the plane.

Private Jet. Well, the best way to  travel. Not cheap, but such fun. I flew from the UK to Paris, just once, by private jet.