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Abu Dhabi & The Hilton Hotel

The location and reasons to visit:

Abu Dhabi is located in the Arab United Emirates. As for reasons to visit, well for leisure purposes, there aren’t any, apart from the Formula 1 Grand Prix. It’s really quite a boring place with nothing much to do or see.

Review of the Hilton Hotel, Abu Dhabi:

I stayed at the Hilton Hotel and it was actually okay. It’s rated as 4*+, but everything about it seemed to be 5* to me.

Another option was the Emirates Palace, but having seen pictures, it’s way too overstated to the point of being tacky.

The Hilton is located near the water and there’s a private beach area across the road at the water’s edge.

The bar doesn’t have any view, unfortunately. The food and service in the restaurant was really good.   

Still being built

Still more, still being built

The Hilton. Quite un-spectacular from the outside

Yes, such a lot of it is

This is near the Hilton Hotel and the Emirates Palace

In celebration of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan

The city from across the harbour

The view from the Hilton Hotel room